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How Much Home Can I Afford?

Did you know that many buyers spend more on a home than what they should? Most buyers estimate their mortgage payment using a Mortgage Calculator like the one on this page then jump into their home search without finding out about different ways to lower their interest rates. 

Consulting with a Lender and getting Pre-Approved before you start your search helps you identify a price range for your home search can help you get the lowest rates possible so that you keep your mortgage payments where you want them.


Use the Mortgage Calculator to get a general idea of what your monthly payments could be then call me and I'll share 3 other tactics that can help save you time and money as you begin your search to build or buy a home!  

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Are you Pre-Approved?

Money matters when it comes to buying a home. Having a Pre-Approval letter or verified Proof of Funds makes you a more competitive buyer candidate because it shows a seller that you have enough money in the bank (or approved assets) to purchase their home. 

Getting pre-approved before you begin your home search can help prevent you from falling in love with a home that might be a burden on your finances. It can often improve the chances that your offer will get accepted because most Sellers prefer to work with Buyers who are already Pre-Approved

Learn More about getting Pre-Approved by clicking below!

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Home ownership is the American Dream.

Homebuyer F.A.Q.

Buying a home or investment property might be the biggest financial decision that you make during the course of your lifetime. I've compiled some FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) that Buyers tend to ask. Check it out and feel free to reach out to me with other questions that you might have! 

STATUS Realty "S" icon in black on white background. The two "S"'s refer to "Success" PLUS "Service" equals STATUS.

Check out the STATUS.365 Blog

The STATUS.365 Blog is the BEST and most comprehensive source of educational information for Buyers, Sellers and Homeowners! We hope that you will find the content to be relevant to you before, during and after you find your dream home!

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