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Image by Zoe Holling

STATUS Realty LLC is the premier real estate brokerage for Sports & Entertainment and High Net Worth individuals. Watch our video to learn about our value proposition. 

The Vision.

The Mission.

At STATUS Realty, "Higher Level Living" is our Mission and our Code of Honor. Our goal is to outperform ourselves through innovation and by elevating the bar for real estate.  "STATUS" is an acronym for SUCCESS, TRUST, ASSETS, TEAMWORK, UNIQUENESS and SERVICE.  

Read on to understand how STATUS Realty embodies "Higher Level Living" and why the name STATUS says it all!

A Higher level of SUCCESS
Success means different things to different people. Our team will help you celebrate your success by helping you find a property that represents what success means to you!

A Higher Level of TRUST
Working in the Entertainment Industry made me realize the importance of privacy. Our team will always handle your real estate transactions with the utmost discretion.

A Higher Level of ASSETS
Our team will help you expand your real estate portfolio by leveraging our network to explore new investment opportunities.

A Higher Level of TEAMWORK
As your trusted Real Estate advisor, we will add valuable insights to help you continue on your growth trajectory. 

A Higher Level of UNIQUENESS
Your property is a reflection of you. We incorporate the subtle nuances that epitomize your style and taste into our custom marketing and into the search to find your next property.  

A Higher Level of SERVICE
We deliver exceptional service to our clients and find ways to give back in our local communities.  

    The STATUS Symbol.

    Our icon is the new symbol of luxury. At first glance, you see an "S" for STATUS, but as you examine the icon closer, you will notice that the symbol actually consists of two interlocking geometric "S" shapes. The vertical "S" represents the journey to "Success." The horizontal "S" represents the breadth of "Service". The intersection of the 2 "S"'s symbolizes the infinite possibilities that can happen when Success is linked to Service

    At STATUS Realty, we believe that the people who have "STATUS" are the ones who are using their Success to be of Service to others! This is the true meaning of STATUS!

    "Amazing things Happen at the Intersection of Success and Service." - Deidre Woodard

    The Pillars.

    STATUS Realty was founded upon these core principles and they guide all that we do.

    Light and Shadow

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    The Next Step...

    If you like what you've learned about STATUS Realty thus far, then let's schedule some time to discuss how STATUS Realty can help you achieve your real estate goals.

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