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Who Ya Gonna Call for a Leaky Faucet?

Homeowners know that sooner or later everything will need to be replaced! Hopefully, not everything will go at the same time! When you are looking at pre-owned homes, depending on the age of the home, you will want to find out if the appliances are original to the home. While this is a good practice for pre-owned homes, you still may encounter faulty installations with new appliances and even with new construction. Ever heard the telltale "drip-drip-drip" sound that comes from a leaky faucet? Do you know where the leak is coming from and how to fix it? If not, Who ya gonna call for a leaky faucet? If you hear a #dripping noise or see water dripping from a faucet in your sink, remove the items from under your sink cabinet to check for any water that has leaked under there, too. If it is wet, put a bucket under the area that is dripping and try to dry up the rest of the area as best you can. If the water is dripping faster than you can contain it, turn the water off from the main source. If you have a Home Warranty plan, this may save you money since your out of pocket cost is typically the service call fee. They will someone to diagnose the problem. If they are able to repair it on the spot, they will. Otherwise, they will order the appropriate part and complete the repair as soon as the part(s) arrive. #leakyfaucet #HomeWarranty #preownedhome #homerepair

Repairman in blue collared shirt repairing leaky faucet or installing chrome or silver kitchen sink faucet


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