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Moving with Pets

Dachshund standing up in a cardboard box waiting to be picked up.
Don't forget to get my stuff!

If you think moving is a stressful experience for humans, imagine what it is like for our furry friends! All of a sudden, their space is overrun with tons of cardboard boxes. Our pets can sense that some change is about to happen, but they also might wonder if they will be included in the change. Our pets react differently to change, so you want to make sure your pet understands that the hustle and bustle is only temporary and you want to try to minimize their anxiety as much as possible during the process. If you are moving with pets, you might consider taking them to a doggie day care in the new area for a few weeks before the packing process begins so that they can get accustomed to a new routine of being out of their home for a few hours or all day. Try not to pack up their area until last so they always have a "safe" place to go while the disruption is occurring in other parts of the home. Taking your pet on frequent walks is another way to help them release extra energy so they can feel calm and relaxed. If you are only moving a short distance, you will want to get your furry friend familiarized with their new surroundings by taking them on walks near their new home so they can enjoy new scents. In the same way that we get out and meet our neighbors, you'll want to find a local #dogpark for you pet, so they can get out and exercise and meet new friends, too! While it might be nice to get your pet a new bed for the new home, sometimes it's nice to keep the original bedding, toys and other creature comforts as these items can make your furry friend feel safe in their new surroundings. Once they've grown accustomed to the new place, then you can start swapping out old for new. Showering your pet with affection and playing with them when you take breaks from packing is great for your pet's overall well being and yours, too!


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