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Inexpensive DIY Kitchen Update

Whether you plan to sell your home or stay in it for many years to come, you can do some minor updates to make your kitchen look more sleek and modern. If your cabinets already have handles and drawer pulls, you won't have to drill new holes. Simply replace the current ones with more stylish ones that are the same size. This can be done easily by taking a sample of each to your local home improvement store where someone can show you a selection of cabinetry pulls and handles that are the same size as the ones you are replacing. If your cabinets don't have handles, you can DIY (Do-It-Yourself) by selecting the hardware that you want and drill holes to fit. Not handy with a drill? You can hire a handyman who is experienced with installing cabinetry hardware to do this in no time! Changing or adding new hardware in your kitchen is a minor upgrade that will have a huge impact on your kitchen's overall appearance!

gray kitchen cabinets with brushed gold cabinet handles and matching faucet


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